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Tea Party Flip-Flops On Their Nationalism With Ted Cruz

With the recent news that Ted Cruz will be announcing his presidential bid, there has been a lot of discussion about Ted Cruz not being born in America. However, he is a natural-born citizen as his parents were American citizens working in Canada. Despite living there for the first 4 years of his life before his parents moved back to America. However, PolitiFact has a good piece talking about the requirements for presidency, and how likely he meets those requirements. However, 100% certainty would require  a Supreme Court ruling and/or an amendment to the Constitution.

Now, outside of my political views when compared to Mr. Cruz’s, I don’t give a flying fuck if he meets the requirements for presidency or not. I say let him run either way and let the people choose. What I do find interesting, is there is 0 talk from the Tea Party/neocons screaming about “HE’S NOT A AMURICUHNNNN!!!! HE WUZANT BOWRRRRN HEEEEERRRRR” while riding their tax-payer funded Rascals to their local capitol.  In fact, it’s the EXACT opposite.

There could be numerous reasons for this. It could be they decided they were too exclusive in their previous and incorrect views regarding President Obama’s birth place. Maybe they inadvertently again prove the groups inherent racism towards persons of color (more likely). However, it’s more likely a combination of the previous reason along with it being one of their candidates, so they blissfully ignore their glaring hypocrisies and inconsistencies.

I can already hear the Tea Party’s response to the racism claim: “But Ted Cruz is a Latino man! See we aren’t racist!” Any person with a freshman knowledge of social issues will see how stupid that claim is. In case you don’t, this claim would assert that because they have 1 person of non-white ethnicity, that it somehow absolves them from their racism of other groups. When it is well-established that Tea Partiers have an affinity for racism against blacks. We can only wait and watch to see how the Tea Party plays these off.

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