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Relationship Term Limits

“Relationship Term Limits” is when a relationship has an expected/known end date, but with all parties continuing¬† up to that date. Recently, one of my partners and I had a discussion that determined we are likely in the aforementioned relationship.

A little background: my partner is from the east coast and still has family out there. They moved here in the middle of 2014 for a job. There are some things that will go on with their family over the next couple of years, and they want to be around for that. So they don’t have a plan to stay here for more than another year or two before moving back.

For some, a known end-date is enough to expedite the relationship’s end. Understandably so. Despite it not being the most desirable outcome, I have every intention of continuing the relationship until that date. Their presence in my life has had such a positive impact, that I plan to deal with the inevitable falling out. My advice to anyone in a similar situation, try to see that time period out. One never knows what can happen from the time that information comes to light, to the time it is scheduled to end.

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