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More on False Rape Accusations

There has been a recent spray of articles talking about ‘false rape accusations.’ Written by privileged white-males who feel it is somehow a rampant problem. In my previous post, I show that statistically, it is not a glaring problem. Yet, these misguided people, keep parroting it as a way to deflect the dialogue on creating a society where women are treated as equals. My target of this post is Patrick Howley. A conservative journalist with some notable works about VA reforms and the IRS. He is also infamous for his insanely misogynistic tweets to a fellow female reporter. Aside from those notable works, he wrote a post titled “Men Should Avoid Progressive Women For Their Own Safety.” Now I don’t like to resort to ad hominid if possible, but he clearly hasn’t done a lot of research on his subject, and should stay out of social issues. He clearly lacks the credentials to talk authoritatively on this matter.

He describes progressive-women as “militarized”:

As Hillary Clinton prepares to run for the position of first female president, progressive women are militarized now as never before.

He also compares progressive women to naive teenagers:

They click on BuzzFeed, which is like reading dystopian social-justice pornography written by sixth-graders.

Which is ironic, as he is a year my junior. I am only 26, going on 27. As if his privileged 26 years have somehow made him much more weathered, or more intelligent than these groups of ‘militarized progressive women.’ Then he goes on to talk about the ‘modern rash of false rape accusations.’

He references another Daily Caller article where they discuss 8 cases of allegations of false-rape accusations. Hardly a ‘modern rash’, even if true. The FBI statistics show it’s not a ‘rash’ of occurrences. It is a tactic used by white males who have a public face, to deflect away from the discussion of gender equality, and the actual and prevalent issue of sexual assault against women. To defer responsibility for perpetuating these problems.

In his article, he mentions that when an accuser is found to be making a false statement, they aren’t held liable:

Those pushing spurious accusations against men are not punished or marginalized.

Again, doesn’t cite anything to back this up. Even a simple Google search shows he is patently wrong.

He even has the gall, to suggest that feminists only get their power because they falsely accuse the ‘right kind of men’ or Republicans of rape, to gain their renown:

Feminists, in coordination with their allies in the media, have discovered a powerful weapon, and they’re guarding it with blind, fervent activist group-think. In a post-Sandra Fluke age of overnight social media stars and victimization-as-currency, any college girl with an ax to grind can be guaranteed immediate national celebrity so long as she accuses the right kind of men — be they fraternity brothers or campus Republicans.

Furthermore, he tries to down-play rape-culture as honest fun that feminists are trying to ruin:

And it’s not just rape. There’s also something called “rape culture,” which is loosely defined but it seems to include football fandom, commercials with models in them, and most kinds of male-to-male joking. If you don’t avoid progressive women in the age of the digital cell-phone camera, your next one-liner about Kim Kardashian’s butt will get overheard by throngs of dead-eyed social media crusaders. Make no mistake: they would absolutely delight in catching you, you heteronormative male scum. In fact, their TA would probably give them extra credit.

He continues to show a clear lack of understanding on these issues. Yet, somehow he has a podium to speak to these issues. And gets paid! It makes one wonder what events in his life led him to despise the idea that women should be treated equally as men. Whatever thought processes these are, it leads him to think that women are trying to isolate themselves from the men of the world. Which furthers the aforementioned claim of not knowing what he is talking about:

Someday, all the young women of America will wear hoods over their faces — hijabs if you will — so men can’t even look at them and so they, too, can’t see anything except occasional shapes and light objects. Until that day comes, we need to stay the Hell away from each other.

He finishes vitriolic diatribe with the following:

Take it from me in high school, men of America: the less females you interact with, the more episodes of “The Outer Limits” you can watch back-to-back in one sitting. As you embark on this journey, I salute you.Pat yourselves on the back, lonely men. Or, rather… Give yourselves a hand.

Don’t worry, Patrick. After this any many prior instances, I can assure you that no woman will be clamoring for your attention. Women everywhere will gladly have nothing to do with you. You will be giving yourself a hand for the foreseeable future.

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