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Cops Bomb Dallas Shooting Suspect

Dallas Police Cornered the Suspected Dallas Shooting Suspect

Yesterday, 5 police officers were killed by 4 different shooters during a peaceful protest. 3 suspects were apprehended. One suspect continued to make threats against officers, and holed himself up in a garage.

This sounds like a normal instance that SWAT/CIRT gets involved, as they are specifically trained to deal with armed and resistant suspects. While they may have been involved, the outcome was unexpected:

“We saw no other option but to use our bomb robot and place a device on its extension for it to detonate where the suspect was,” Rawlings told reporters. “Other options would have exposed our officers in grave danger.”

Police literally bombed the suspect. Toss the Constitution out the window, toss police out, and just have the military do law enforcement. This is the first time this tactic has been used in domestic policing:

Peter W. Singer, a technological warfare expert and author of “Wired For War,” told NBC News that using mobile robots — or MARCbots — to detonate explosives was documented during the early days of the Iraq War — but it’s not something he has heard of in domestic policing.

If we allow police to use the same tactics and tools as the military, what makes them different? Why not just have the military provide law enforcement? Shoot/bomb any threat, real or perceived. Throw the constitution to the fire. Can’t imagine this has gone wrong anywhere else in history.

Don’t take this as a ‘the shooter is innocent.’ That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Guy was a grade-a shitbag. But I also don’t believe indiscriminate weapons should be used in domestic policing. Too high of a risk for killing innocents. Not only that, the police didn’t engage directly with the shooter after he holed up. It’s possible he would have surrendered. If he resisted on police-entry, then lethal-force would have some justification.

You can’t claim self-defense as a defense for use of lethal force, if you weren’t at risk.

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