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Kim Davis and the Oath Keepers

Woke up to the hilarious news that Kim Davis is being ‘protected’ by the Oath Keepers. The Oath Keepers are an organization based on the patriot movement that suggest its members disobey unconstitutional laws. However, they pick and choose what they deem as constitutional rights being infringed. Historically, it has been a group that only protects the rights of whites and corporations, who they have deemed as infringed upon. Recently, they believe Kim Davis has been infringed upon, despite that she broke the law.

What’s funny about this, is that they were nowhere to be found when it was predicted days before, that she would be jailed in contempt of court. But they didn’t, as that would have required a real confrontation with law enforcement. They only came forward after she was released from jail and that she not interfere with her deputies. They also only came forward after one of her deputies said he would still issue licenses despite Davis’ wishes. Which prevents her from going to jail as long as she doesn’t interfere.

Talk about capitalizing on some media-hype to get exposure without any work. I predict that marriage licenses will continue to be issued. After some period of time, the Oath Keepers will claim victory in staving off the federal government, despite not having to do any work or having to stick their necks out. Hats off to the Oath Keepers for doing nothing!

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