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FBI Domain Lost Due to Failed Renewal

Straight from the What-Not-To-Do of the Site-Admin’s 101 class, the FBI ‘forgot’ to renew one their domains.

From Ars:

…it appears someone at the FBI’s Cyber Division failed to renew the domain registration for CIRFU.NET, the domain which in turn hosted Web and name servers used to redirect traffic headed to seized domains.

The funny thing is, this is an embarrassing failure on the FBI’s part. When a domain expires without being renewed, it doesn’t instantly go back up for sale. GoDaddy gives the site owners over 40 days to renew the domain before it goes up to auction. On top of that, they send annoying emails before it expires. In fact, while it is an expired state, they send warnings about the implications of nonrenewal.

For a TLA federal law-enforcement agency, this is beyond hilarious. Especially since they had an 8.3 billion dollar budget for 2014. I could pay a family member $20 a year to make sure my domain was renewed on time.

The laughable outcome of this loss of their domain, is that siezed sites like started serving malware and porn. As opposed to the typical domain siezure banner. All thanks to a ‘Black Hat SEO marketer.’ The iront has me gushing.

So glad that this agency spends 8 billion dollars of tax payer revenue a year, just to show they aren’t capable of even renewing a $10 a year domain.

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