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Ben Carson Still Thinks Being Gay is a Choice

What in the fuck. It’s 2015. People STILL think being gay is a choice? I fear this will never change if it hasn’t already. Despite the American Psychological Association saying it isn’t a choice.

Someone needs to show Dr. Ben Carson, who seems to think it is a choice, the aforementioned link from the APA. When asked if he thought sexual orientation was a choice, he replied, “Absolutely.” When asked why he thought that, heĀ  replied: “A lot of people who go into prison, go in the prison straight. And when they come out, they’re gay.”

Yikes. There is an exhaustive list of problematic things in that one sentence. In his defense, if you watch through the whole video, he mentions he doesn’t care what someone’s sexual orientation is and they should be allowed to marry. One might get the impression he believes the state shouldn’t have a say in marriage. He just arrives at that conclusion in a very ignorant and discriminatory way.

If we can’t get our political figures to come to the consensus that sexual orientation isn’t a choice, we still have a long ways ahead.

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